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Touched By ALS is a small community based group with gigantic expectations. We are always looking for volunteers and if you have not heard that you are wanted and needed then here is your opportunity.

You may be asking yourself what you could do to help. Well, we have so many needs that the opportunities are endless. We need people to help with fund raising. Given that Touched By ALS has only been a 501(c)(3) for less than one year, we are open to suggestions. Have you ever helped with a fund raising event? Have you ever been to an event that was so amazing that you would go to or donate to over and over again? Do you have an idea that you would love to see come into fruition? Do you have a circle of family and friends that would like to help you and a truly deserving cause? The truth is we want you! It takes many hands and feet to make positive things happen.

If the above does not seem like a good fit for you maybe you would like to visit companies, corporations and organizations to help secure and solidify long-term sponsorships or one-time donations. Maybe you would like to talk to civic groups and churches to generate excitement for the group and to promote awareness of ALS and our group.

Our greatest dream is to be an organization that provides both financial and emotional support to fill in the gaps for people and their families living with ALS in the upstate area. We absolutely cannot do this alone. Please consider coming along side us and help make this amazing dream a reality; simply contact us.

I thought of my new uncertainty: How long can I live with ALS?
I thought: “Don’t search for answers. Live the question.”
Enjoy life more because of the uncertainty, not less.
~ Susan Spencer-Wendel