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My ALS story started around December 2016. I worked for Ingles Market as a Meat Department Manager and had been employed there for 20 years. One day the boss man called me into the office and asked if I had noticed a change in my voice. After quite a few doctor visits and numerous tests, I was informed of my diagnosis with ALS on September 4, 2017, by the providers at Prisma Health Neuroscience Associates. Within a month I started taking Riluzole and by November I began Radicava infusions; both of which I have continued since 2017. Additionally, about two months ago I started taking the most recent FDA approved drug Relyvrio.

I have asked several family members about any history of ALS and to their knowledge I am the only person in my family that has had ALS. Throughout my journey with ALS, I have received help from the ALS Association and through the Prisma ALS Clinic. Living with ALS has changed my life for the better; in fact, I was able to give my heart to God. Without God, I would be on this journey alone. ALS has taught me that I can no longer do things as before and to appreciate the things around me. I would go as far as saying that having ALS has made me a better person overall.

Through the help of Touched By ALS I was able to receive my powerchair on Wednesday April 19, 2023. Not sure if I thanked you for my wheelchair, so thank you so much. I love it!